About RAM

Resolute Asset Management (RAM) manages custom portfolios, for residents of Ontario, within RRSP, TFSA, RESP and taxable accounts. Founder, Mark Doyle, has advised hundreds of sophisticated Canadian corporate pension fund clients on investment strategy during his nearly 30-year career.

RAM delivers on three critical success factors:

  • Performance that closely tracks market returns, through broad-diversification across asset classes.
  • Low fees, ensuring higher net-return to investors.
  • Unbiased advice, that naturally flows from RAM’s fiduciary relationship with clients.

Most investors face significant hurdles in striving to achieve their investment goals. Academic research, conducted over several decades has demonstrated that the vast majority of managers do not beat their benchmarks. Their fees tend to be unjustifiably high and the client advisors often do not have an obligation to act in the client’s best interests.

RAM offers a client-focused, cost-effective alternative to the banks and dealers that distribute mutual funds, and to the traditional investment advisors who manage money in separate accounts.

RAM provides independent and unbiased investment advice based on each client’s unique circumstances. The firm has no affiliations nor any compensation arrangements with any other entity. RAM is a fiduciary with a duty to act in the best interests of its clients.

Minimum (total household accounts): $500,000

“Experience is just the name we give our mistakes”.
– Oscar Wilde