Clients of RAM can expect a professional, engaging, and mutually rewarding relationship. We want clients to feel that, when they pick up the phone to call (or email or text), they will get a thoughtful, honest and timely response.

  • Understanding client needs — We strive to understand our clients so that we can do what’s right for them. We will not sell our clients anything except ideas.
  • Investment reporting that is useful — We provide reporting that is useful to our clients, in addition to what is required by regulation. Our custodian provides a detailed monthly statement when there has been activity and a quarterly statement, regardless. RAM’s quarterly reports include information helpful to understanding the market environment, the investment mandate, and performance of each account.
  • Meaningful client meetings — We meet with clients on a formal basis usually twice per year to review the investment policy, making sure it remains appropriate. We review any significant changes in finances and lifestyle that may have a bearing on how we invest. We also review the various asset classes, performance, fees, and answer any questions. Some clients want more frequent meetings, as well as regular calls. We are flexible.
  • Open-book style — We happily engage in philosophical or technical discussions about our investment process, or anything related that interests our clients. We will share different perspectives on issues that relate to our mandate, not just our own opinion.
  • A human touch — We do not employ robotics of any kind; not in portfolio management and not in client engagement. Computers have not (yet) mastered the subtleties of human interaction required and they do not recognize when they have made a mistake. Because in their world, they haven’t.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.
– Benjamin Franklin